Our Services

The Cookery is about learning how to eat well. We all have to eat. We like to eat. But, let’s face it, most of us don’t eat well. Learning how to feed ourselves is one of the basic life skills that most of us aren’t taught anymore. So we must depend on others to feed us – restaurants and corporate food manufacturers. A lot of it is good but most, well, not so much, as the dramatic rise in obesity in this country will attest to. Making your own food allows you to take control of the quality and content of the food you put into your body, as well as saving money. That is the power of cooking. And, oh, by the way, cooking can be really fun – I mean it’s sharp knives, fire and good eats, what’s not to like?


IMG_0042_optList of our Services

  • Cooking Workshops of all kinds. See a list of our current Classes.
  • Hands-on Kid’s Classes
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Private Birthday Parties
  • Catering Services
  • Gourmet-To-Go Services
  • Much more so Contact Us to find out!